Goodwin for Congress



David Goodwin is volunteering to represent us in the U.S. House of Representatives for Kentucky district 4.  We have an opportunity to send an independent candidate to Washington D.C. who brings a fresh perspective by getting back to basics. 

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Our Priorities

There are many issues and values that are important.  Our priorities focus on the economics.  Sound economics gives us the firm foundation we need to grow and do more.


Opioid Crisis

There is no quick fix for the opioid crisis.  It will take a combination of treatment and enforcement to make progress.  The federal government should act to support rather than mandate for the need of first responders and health organizations at the state and local level.

Skills GAP

 There continues to be a gap between good paying jobs and the amount of people available with the skills to perform them.  Closing the skills gap is not limited to college.  There needs to be more attention given to how people may transition into better jobs while continuing to earn income.

National DEBT

The national debt has real world consequences for inflation and the economy.  While there will always be things more important than the debt, the disregard for the future of stability of our nation has gone on for far too long.  We need to think about future generations.

Universal Basic Income

This is a concept with support both from conservatives and liberals.   Everyone receives a small amount of what is considered a minimum amount whether this is called standard deduction, child tax credits, or unemployment.  There is a way to bring this together under a simpler and more effective system.